Implementing J. D. Edwards OneWorld

By Robert W. Starinsky, 18 Chapters, 673 Pages ISBN: 0-7615-1956-4 Copyright (c) 2001 By Prima Tech, A division of Prima Publishing.

  • Here are just a few of the reader comments received about this book from project managers, end users, other consultants and even by J. D. Edwards employees:.
    • "I am on a team that is in the process of Implementing J. D. Edwards OneWorld Xe. Our team has purchased your book and we have found the information in it very helpful."
    • "Your book has been very helpful to me, as I have always felt that there was a lack of material out there to help with implementations."
    • "The book provides a great background for the JDE newcomer."
    • "Bob, just got done browsing Implementing J. D. Edwards One World and I am very impressed. The in-depth and broad coverage of the product is amazing. Your positioning of our product reflects intimate knowledge. Thanks"
  • Although now out of print, this book remains available through many Internet booksellers.